What is Direct Mail?

Direct Mail can be a postcard, brochure, envelope, newsletter or magazine that is specifically mailed to your existing client database, or to target potential clients using demographic or regional analysis. It’s a personal and tangible way of interacting with the right person, and integrates well with your combined marketing strategy through e-mail or social media.

Personalized Mail: (Addressed Admail)

Current clients are important to you, and you need to make sure they’re aware of any new developments or sales promotions right away.  We’ll take care to organize your customer database, print and produce, and mail your piece(s) on time. Our priority is to make sure that we save you money by limiting unnecessary costs and by finding the best “bang for your buck!” We can also help with database purchases if you’re looking to expand on your existing customer reach.  (Minimum of 500 pieces needed to secure Personalized Mail rates.)

Neighbourhood Mail: (Un-addressed Admail)

Target new potential customers that have relevant needs to your type of business. Don’t waste money by mailing to just anyone, and reach an audience most likely to respond to your Direct Mail campaign. Neighbourhood Mail is key to growing your base by attracting new customers using demographic targeting such as age, gender, marital status, home ownership, income levels, interests, family size, and so on. We can help you generate a customized Neighbourhood Mail campaign that is easy, cost-effective, and attractive.

Mailing Services Include:

  • Full colour print capabilities
  • Trimming, Folding, Perforating
  • High-speed inkjet addressing
  • Numbering
  • Variable Data
  • Machine & Hand Inserting
  • Bundling & Tabbing
  • Envelope customization & Printing
  • Shrink Wrapping and Poly-bagging
  • Sorting
  • Collating
  • Courier services to drop locations

Data Management Service Include:

  • Change of address updates
  • Data Entry
  • Merge Databases
  • Address Accuracy
  • Duplicate record removal

Direct Mail Works!

The possibilities are endless – create an exciting Direct Mail piece in 1-4 colours, and choose from varying shapes, papers, and personalization features.  You can insert all the printed material you want into an envelope with simple printing or full bleed, custom window options (providing everything meets current mailing standards).

Personalization is key – 89% of customers open or read a mailed piece if it looks interesting, and/or if it’s personally addressed to them.  It’s not easily deleted by a spam filter, and is not limited to 140 characters!